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Check out the lastest tgifresh video. Let me know what you think…

Gettin’ it in… #RIPHEAVYD

What champions are made of… Michael Jordan flu finals game

These unofficial The Weeknd videos are pretty official

“What You Need” by The Weeknd “Glass Table Girls” by The Weeknd

This is how you know the president is black…this man is having a poetry slam in the white house #loveit

Still on my video wave… here’s the lastest from #tgiFRESH ft. @mickboogie


Still trying to get my video game up… Check out the lastest joint I put together…

hmmm, I don’t know how anyone else feels, but lookin at it as a graphic designer, the “AOTL” video is DOPE.

“Bride of Blackenstein” SNL Black Exploitation Sketch